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The enhanced version of MOTOBLUR allows you to take control of your Happenings and Messages widgets with the option to filter out updates and messages you don't want, making it easier to follow who and what really matters. Take charge of your charge with Battery Manager, a new feature that helps you manage your phone's power consumption. Spend less time worrying about running out of juice and more time using it.

So, while you may lose your phone, you won't lose the contacts and data that keep you connected. Using a proprietary Motorola process of microphone and speaker configuration, CrystalTalkTM PLUS adds a second microphone improving voice quality even further while filtering out background noise.

For more information regarding pricing and product availability in your region, please contact your local Motorola representative. Contact your service provider for details. All features, functionality and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. The A. Kat Hannaford. Share This Story. Initially people were sold on the touch screen concept because it would make hardware design easier, and developers could do whatever they wanted with the completely open interface.

But ultimately there is method to the madness of a consistent interface, and still the same struggle exists. Moreover, those interfaces that are empowered by touch-only are not productivity-friendly. And this is where the Win8 benefit comes into play, combined with the natural unification of platforms that is coming down the pipe.

For now, this predominantly-consumption-driven metaphor for mobility will suffice, but as it becomes more pervasive, so too will the need to be more productive. And this is where Microsoft has been the undisputed winner. For most businesses to be productive, they need Windows. And no matter how productive Apple tries to make their iOS products, there is another high barrier to entry into the corporate space: legacy applications and corporate security.

What does Apple have in store for consumers on this front? Parental Controls.

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Having a single OS that spans all potential platforms means that everything a corporation has come to expect from managing Windows Desktops will natively just work for the new platforms. Everything about the open ecosystem that MS built that led to their dominance in the PC era will stay true and keep them relevant. Microsoft as a brand is associated with computers. Computers are seen as complex, unreliable tools that require lots of expensive add-ons like software to be useful. Microsoft has had many phone products now and they have all failed, even the ones that provided a great deal of customization flexibility for carriers and device makers.

During focus testing, the Xbox name was left on the list of possible names to demonstrate how unpopular the Xbox name would be with consumers. Are you attempting to say that the people in this poll were only given one option? You think that same C. And please, I've maybe met three people other than you that considers the Android operating system to be "sexy.

Microsoft sends Surface Phone back to the labs because 'it's not good enough'

But it is not sexy. Android is a hella powerful and amazingly nice operating system, but I don't think it's a consumer-oriented OS. And no, I'm not a part of MS. No one in my family has a job at Microsoft. It seems that you're switching between Windows 8 and WP7 in the paragraph…I'll try to answer to both. Windows 8: You have two arguments here. Let them stand by until it becomes extremely stable, thats OK.

But then again, Microsoft gives away it's beta builds for free, so they are getting a lot of feedback for months, if not years, before the product is released. Still, I could care less if they wait until W9 to upgrade…all you're proving here is that Windows 8 is an extremely large change to Windows 7. WP7: You're arguing that the Office feature on the phone is a problem because if people do their work on the go then the phone could get stolen and the IP taken. I'd like to ask you — have you ever used the voice recognition feature on Windows Phone?

Or used Bing on Xbox with Kinect? Even apart from voice recognition, where's Apple's Kinect? I doubt Apple could do anything like that either…I mean, while Apple's trying to make touch interfaces work, Microsoft's deleting the interface altogether. You should see the kids using Kinect in the microsoft store. You should see them using Surface or Windows Phone or the Touch mouse…these are the kinds of things that people never thought possible. Microsoft did touchscreens a decade ago; now they've moved on.

Oh, unless you're talking about how Siri "understands" what you're asking for when you ask it something like "what's the weather like in San Jose? Siri pulls all of it's fact-related answers from WolframAlpha. Microsoft has never innovated anything….

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Innovation is… 1. Windows for Pen and Touch in the s. Must I go on? The entire office suite.. Products stolen from other companies want me to show you the lawsuits settled?

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Where SQL came from. Where Word Came from. AFAIK, there is none. If they sell the console as cheap as possible, people will buy more games and Microsoft gets more money, in the end, from that.

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But ignoring that, yes they did. Now we have to wait and see for W8. See this news…. Wonder how much longer it will take MSFT to catch up? Who would want a fax to their phone…Someone already solved that.. Will launch Live Mobile T. The last great hurdle Live T. But once the iPod arrived, Average Joes and Janes began to take a second, third, and fourth look at Apple products. By the time consumers were done looking, they were the proud owners of several Apple devices.

If Microsoft has any hope of getting back in the game, the company needs to release a gateway device that inspires consumers to care about Windows again. Maybe Windows 8 will be that product.

Maybe it will happen with the next Xbox. It is also possible that, just as Apple stunned the world with the iPod, Microsoft will release a new product that no one could have ever anticipated.

cell phone spy for microsoft kin one

But even if that were to occur, there is no chance that Microsoft will release an iPhone 5-killer in Ubuntu was supposed to be the answer, but even that has failed to catch on. Chrome OS sort of has an opportunity, but until the hardware comes down in price at least three-fold, people will choose Windows most of the time. Microsoft has done well to establish themselves in this market but have crumbled in the cell phone market.

People have a bajillion choices, why are any of the twenty phones you have worth more than the other bajillion minus twenty phones?

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Windows is not a poison word in the minds of most people who are in the market to buy a phone. He phrased it poorly, and took a roundabout path, but I think his ultimate point is correct. Now you want to put that experience on my telephone? No thanks! I agree completely. You are absolutely right. I have several friends who own decent Android devices, they are not aware that they are not iPhones. The general public is clueless as to what they own technically and how it works. I happen to be a techie geek and early adopter.

With Windows Phone Microsoft has taken a different approach. WP raises its middle finger at both the device manufacturers and mobile carriers. Ask yourself. And which Handset maker besides Nokia—and how relevant are they? You are a crack smoker along with the rest of the MSFT fan boys. Thanks for the personal attacks and suggestions of drug use. Have you ever considered writing coherent comments in reply to people instead of foaming rants? It might make your points more convincing if they were phrased reasonably.